Quarter Tone Saxophone

24-Tone Row Matrix Generator

12-tone music is a 20th-century style of music which was pioneered by Arnold Schoenberg. This style of music uses all chromatic pitches equally. The concept of 12-tone music can be extended to 24-TET. Each pitch cannot be used again until all pitches have been used once.

The core of this kind of composition is the initial tone row. The tone row is the initial ordering of pitches. All pitches must be used, and none can be repeated. Once the initial tone row is created, the composer can use the pitches in this order, as well as in the following orders:

A tone row matrix can be used to generate this information. The top of the matrix represents the prime tone row. Each subsequent row represents the prime row offset by a certain interval, where the start note is different, but all intervals are the same. The inversions, retrogrades, and retrograde inversions can be found in the following manner:

The app below will generate a 24 tone row matrix based on an initial tone row. Accidentals can be entered in as follows:

Note names must be entered in capital letters. Once the tone row is entered, hit submit, and the matrix will be generated.

The tone row can then be printed The app colors every other row to make navigating the matrix easier. However, by default, web browsers will not print the colors. To enable the colors to print, select Background Graphics in the print settings.

Alternatively, it can be copied and pasted into a word document.

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