Quarter Tone Saxophone

Quarter Tone Transposition App

This app will transpose any number of notes from any key to any other key, including quarter tone keys. This will work for all 12-TET and 24-TET notes alike.

This tool can be useful for composers who are new to writing quarter tone music. However, it is recommended that composers who work with this kind of music learn to transpose independently, as it will expedite the composing process and give the composer a more firm grasp and understanding of quarter tonality.

To use, input one or more notes that you wish to transcribe. Then, enter the original key, the new key to transcribe the notes to, and hit submit. Note names must be in capital letters. For example, to transpose the notes C+, D#, Ed from a tenor sax to an alto sax, type those notes, then Bb for the first key and Eb for the second key.


Accidentals can be entered as follows:

  • Sesquiflat - db
  • Flat - b
  • Semiflat - d
  • Semisharp - +
  • Sharp - #
  • Sesquisharp - +#

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