Quarter Tone Repertoire

The following compositions make use of quarter tonality. If you would like to see a piece added to this list, or if you are a composer and would like to add your piece to this list, please contact the author. If you would like more information on a particular piece, click the title of that piece.

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24 Preludes in Quarter-Tone Systems, Op. 40 Composed by Ivan Wyschnegradsky (1893 - 1979).  3 Hommages Composed for 2 pianos tuned a quarter tone apart. AUAT 4 Alter Ego for Solo Saxophone This is a solo saxophone piece, originally written for th... Bryce Chant Douloureux, Op. 6 Chiaroscuro Composed in 1997. Clocks and Clouds Composed for women's choir and orchestra.  Published... Da Morte e Sobrevivência (Meditação de Magdala) Dirge Composed for two pianos tuned a quarter tone apart. ... Distance Like a Fiction A duet for alto saxophone and flute, with quarter tones f... Divination by Mirrors Divination by Mirrors is a roughly ten-minute work featur... Drifting Memories Drifting Memories for saxophone quartet was premiere... ENSO Emergence Emergence, for tenor saxophone and piano, is a piece whic... Fair and Balanced? The first movement, “Remaining Neutral,” while ... Fantasy for Unaccompanied Violin, Op. 9a Flying Microtonal Banana This is the ninth studio album by Australian band Ki... Four Comedic Studies Four Comedic Studies is a virtuosic, quarter-tone structu... Galaxe Published in 1966. Indigenous Instruments L'évangile Rouge, Op. 8 La Fée Maraboutée Maya for Two Flutes The title ‘maya’ is in reference to the meaning... Maï Maï by Ryo Noda, a Japanese composer, is a unique piec... Meditations on a Whisper In some literature, a whisper is sometimes used as a fore... Music for Flute, Strings, and Percussion Mysterious Morning III This composition is written for solo soprano saxophone. O Lord, Bless Thy Mountains Published in 1990. On All Fours World premiered 1990. Prelude, Mystery, and Ecstasy This composition is written for solo tenor saxophone. Processione Quarter Tone Waltz for Alto Saxophone This composition is written for solo alto saxophone. Quarter-tone Piano Concerto Quarter-tone Piano Concerto : for quarter-tone piano and ... Quartet No. 2 Quaternion Quintet in Quarter-Tones (24-EDO) This piece was born out of the feeling of an exotic road ... Ramifications Premiered in 1969. Six Quasi-sonatas in Quarter Tones Sonata for Alto Saxophone Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano by Jindřich Feld (... Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano by Edison Demisov was... Sonata for Quarter Tone Piano, Op.62 Spiral Lament St. Luke Passion String Quartet No. 2 in Quarter-Tone System, Op. 7 String Quartet No. 3 in Quarter-Tone System, Op. 12 String Quartet No. 4 in Quarter-Tone System, Op. 14 String Quartet No. 5 String Quartet No. 6 String Quartet No. 6 in Quarter-Tone System, Op. 70 Suite for Four Trombones in Quarter-Tone System Op. 72 Suite for Quarter Tone Clarinet and Quarter Tone Piano No. 1 Op. 24 Symphony No. 4 The Angel of Despair II This composition is written for solo alto saxophone. The Great Train Race A highly entertaining extended technique showpiece that s... Theme from Wait Until Dark Soundtrack from the movie Wait Until Dark, 1967. Three Quarter Tone Pieces Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima Turkish Bath Velinikka Vitebsk Vivid Rainfall Vivid Rainfall, for tenor saxophone and piano, is a piece... Waltz in C Neutral for Solo Saxophone Waltz in C Neutral for Solo Saxophone is based in a quart... We Are All Made of Stardust Zwei Konzertstücke, Op. 26 Œdipe