Drifting Memories - Katia Beaugeais

Drifting Memories (2008/2010) for saxophone quartet was premiered by Continuum Sax at the Campbelltown Arts Centre in Sydney on the 13th March, 2010. It has since been arranged for 13 saxophones. This saxophone orchestra version was premiered by the Sydney Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra as part of the Con lunch-time series concerts in the Verburgghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, in 2011.

Drifting Memories takes us on a journey, passing through different moods caused in turn by a series of pleasant and unpleasant memories. The pitch material gradually unfolds by drifting ‘in and out’ of each section of the work. All four parts play a range of avant-garde techniques to create different textures and timbres, enhancing the gradual progression from a static, calm quality to a fast and frenetic, complex web of pulsating rhythmic figures, ending with piercing harmonic glissando effects. Extended techniques have become an integral part of Beaugeais’ compositional style. In this piece they include multiphonics, air sounds, key clicks, vibrato, flutter-tongue, slap-tongue, glissando and quarter-tone trill effects.

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Instruments: saxophone

Tags: sax quartet, saxophone quartet, quartet