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Quarter Tone Technique for Saxophone - Second Edition

The second edition is now published!  Quarter Tone Technique for Saxophone is a technique book that demonstrates how to produce quarter tone notes in a fluent manner with full sound and proper intonation.

During the early 20th century, Western composers such as Alois Hába, Ivan Wyshnegradsky, and Charles Ives began composing quarter tone works for piano, clarient, and voice. Compoers such as Dean Drummond and Easley Blackwood composed microtoal pieces for a variety of unique instruments, including pitched percussion, guitar, and electronic instruments.

Since then, many composers have experimented with the new melodic and harmonic possibilities quarter tonality has to offer. There are hundreds of quarter tone pieces which have been composed for piano, voice, strings, brass, and woodwind instruments, including the saxophone.

The goal of this technique book is to encourage saxophonists to learn this technique and to encourage composers to write for it. Quarter tonality presents new melodic and harmonic possibilities that can bring previously unexplored textures, colors, and atmospheres to music.

The etude compositions exposes the musician to the composition and musical possibilities the extended technique provides.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Suggested Prerequisites
  3. About this Edition
  4. How to Use this Book
  5. Online Resources
  6. Repertoire
  7. Introduction to Quarter Tones
  8. Quarter Tone Sound and Intonation
  9. Fingerings for the Continuous Range
  10. Fingerings for the Lower Range
  11. Tone Production and Intonation
  12. Ear Training Exercises
  13. Scale Studies
  14. Chord Studies
  15. Etudes
  16. Guidelines for Composition
  17. Composition Apps

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