Quarter Tone Saxophone


Overtone Acrobatics

Learning to produce overtones is a critical step towards becoming a professional saxophonist. The overtone technique teaches the saxophonist how to produce a stronger and richer tone and strengthens his/her embouchure, enabling longer performance times with less fatigue.

Overtone Acrobatics covers the entire learning process, from introducing the concept and outlining basic technique, to providing difficult overtone challenges and real-world melodies produced with overtones. After developing basic technique, the book introduces scales in an overtone context, then delves into well known real-world melodies. After all else, exercises with a microtonal note are brought into play to provide a unique overtone challenge. As the saxophonist masters the exercises in this book, his/her playing and performance will flourish.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction to this Book
  2. Introduction to Overtones
  3. Producing Overtones
  4. Overtone Exercises
  5. Scales
  6. Melodies
  7. Quarter Tones and Overtones
  8. F Sesquisharp Fingerings and Exercises
  9. Quarter Tone with Overtone Exercises
  10. Further Reading

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